Xalm Blanket Super Soft Minky Cover 60 x 80 15lb

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Cheap Xalm Blanket & Super Soft Minky Cover - 60 x 80-15lb Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

Brand : Xalm

Category : Weighted Blankets

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  • OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE THEIR WEIGHTED BLANKET FOR BETTER SLEEP! Fall asleep quicker and stay asleep through the night! Our blankets will help you drift into a refreshing deep slumber and stay asleep through the night. Imagine waking up in the morning having had a full 8 hours of rejuvenating sleep ready to seize the day!
  • OR TO FIND BLISS ON THE SOFA AFTER A HARD DAYS WORK! Users report our blankets feel like “the best hug!” Perfect for unwinding after a stressful day at work completely naturally!
  • FREE MACHINE WASHABLE COVER! Other weighted blankets don’t come with a cover and can’t be washed gross! our blankets come with a beautiful super soft cover that feels amazing and can be washed in a regular washing machine!
  • WHICH WEIGHT IS RIGHT FOR YOU? The 10lb Blanket is ideal for people who weigh between 79 – 123lb the 15lb blanket is ideal for people who weigh between 123 – 174lb and the 20lb blanket is ideal for people who weigh 174lb! If you’re not sure which to get out of two go for the lighter option.
  • 100 NIGHTS RISK FREE TRIAL! Try it out for 100 nights if you don’t like it at any point during the trial simply return it for a full refund. We make returns COMPLETELY HASSLE FREE! Plus we donate all returned blankets to charity so it’s a win/win! So CLICK ADD TO CART now to get the best nights sleep of your life or your money back!

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Xalm Blanket & Super Soft Minky Cover – 60 x 80-15lb Advantages

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Frequently Asked Questions: What is the size of the weighted blanket? Our weighted blankets come in one size. 60 x 80 and are recommended not to be shared to get the best effect. How does the 100 night guarantee work? It couldn t be simpler. Just email us any time within the first 100 nights. We will arrange for a full refund upon return of your weighted blanket. Do they actually work? Yes! The medical community has known about and used weighted blankets in sensory therapies for years. However they are only just crossing over into the mainstream. Read our reviews if you don t believe us! What weight of weighted blanket do i need? We suggest: If you weigh between 79lb and 123lb then use the 10lb blanket. If you weigh between 123lb and 174lb then use the 15lb blanket. If you weigh 174lb+ then use the 20lb blanket. Can i wash my blanket? All our weighted blankets come with a super soft minky cover that we recommend you wash on the hand wash setting on your washing machine. The inner portion will be too heavy for most washing machines and we recommend dry cleaning if necessary. Will this make me too hot? No :-). Unlike other weighted blankets ours has a super soft minky cover that can be removed making it significantly cooler in summer months. We also sell an ultra soft thin bamboo cover separately if you want to use a cooler cover. If you want better sleep and an incredible way to support stress relief naturally click add to cart above now!

Xalm Blanket & Super Soft Minky Cover – 60 x 80-15lb Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

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