Royal Therapy Weighted Blanket 60 x80 20lbs Soft Sky

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Cheap Royal Therapy Weighted Blanket (60 x80 20lbs Soft Sky) Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

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  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • ROYAL THERAPY weighted blankets are premium gifts for yourself. Our weighted blanket is designed to hug you back at night closely mimicking how a parent cradles their child while they sleep.
  • Our tranquility weighted blanket contains High-Density Eco-Friendly Glass Beads. These Glass Beads in our heavy blanket are extremely durable odorless non-toxic food grade washer/dryer safe and pet and kid friendly making it perfectly suited for a king size blanket or a weighted blanket for kids.
  • We know your anatomy is unique which is why we’ve engineered 7-layer blankets to meet your personal needs. Our blanket contains more breathable lightweight thin fabric enabling advanced body temperature regulation. It will adapt to you body needs by transforming into a cooling blanket or a heated comforter during your dream.
  • This blanket engineered to be around 10% of your body allowing your body to go through necessary stages of sleep and relaxation and wake up fully rested during a day or night. Weighted blankets should be smaller than the size of your bed. It’s designed to sit on top of the bed so it doesn’t slide off to one side; kids or seniors should have enough strength to move the big cotton blanket themselves.
  • The small diamond-shape compartment construction allows for each pound of glass beads to be evenly distributed throughout the soft warm blanket so that when draped over the body the weight is then distributed evenly over the body.

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Royal Therapy is your best choice for home goods and relaxation gifts. All of our products are premium-grade goods that helps relax your body making you fall asleep faster and sleep better throughout the night. ROYAL THERAPY weighted blanket provides the gentle sensation of being hugged or held A weighted blanket should be smaller than regular blanket because it is supposed to cover your body other than your bed. Please be rest assured it is correct size when you see a twin/queen weighted blanket is smaller than anticipated. It is OK when a weighted blanket can barely cover the mattress. For the first few nights you may feel it is too heavy or too light weight even for adults and children. Getting used to a weighted blanket takes about 2-7 days please bear with the magic weighted blanket a few more days. Blanket materials are cool and breathable and you can use the inner blanket on its own (without the cover) in the summer months as it is designed for weight not warmth. It also feels comfortable with our gravity product in winter as they are thick enough if you use it with duvet or sheets. Royal Therapy provides the same amount of heat as the comforter that s on your bed right now – no more no less. If you sleep with the AC or fan on you ll have no problem using our blanket in the Summer. The weitghted blanket is meant to be used individually to maximize its benefits. It is sized for 1 person as any bigger would result in much of the weight being wasted on empty parts of the bed. The fabrics and glass beads used to make our weighted blankets are very durable. They are machine washable and you can dry it in a dryer. You can also dry them outside in the sun or inside (air dry). The fabric is durable and should stand up well to multiple washing/drying.

Royal Therapy Weighted Blanket (60 x80 20lbs Soft Sky) Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

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