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  • WIDE VARIETY OF SIZES: These weighted blankets by Mosaic Weighted Blankets are made in various sizes to accommodate the needs of a wider range of customers. These blankets come in sizes similar to traditional king queen full or twin sizing allowing us to cater to the needs and preferences of each individual customer and help them to find the best option for them.
  • FOR SLEEPING & WAKING HOURS: Whether you’re sleeping or relaxing during quiet moments throughout the day your Mosaic Weighted Blankets are sure to be one of your favorite additions to your daily routine. They help establish a sense of calm at any time of day or night for continuous anxiety and stress relief whether you have it on your bed or resting across your lap.
  • FOR ALL SEASONS: The Mosaic Weighted Blanket is unique in the fact that it adds the weight and pressure you need to feel comfortable and secure without trapping excess heat. This means that they can be used at any time of year in the summer months as well as winter for comfort and effective stress and anxiety management all year round.
  • WIDE COLOR VARIATION: These anti-anxiety blankets come in a variety of vibrant yet relaxing colors including plain whites aquas and pinks. With such a wide variation of colors these blankets are sure to have a calming effect on you your child family members or friends who may struggle with excess stress or anxiety.
  • MADE WITH QUALITY MATERIALS: Each Mosaic Weighted Blanket is made with 100% cotton fabric and non-toxic hypoallergenic plastic pellets. By using these commercial-grade materials we not only make the blanket more comfortable for you but safer for you too which gives you greater peace of mind as you and your family use it.

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For many people who suffer from autism anxiety or stress disorders or just a general uneasiness the sensation of being under a light weight has a calming effect and inspires a sense of safety and security. This is true for kids and adults alike. Having a weighted blanket around the house or on a trip can help any member of your family overcome feelings of anxiety and stress. At Mosaic Weighted Blankets we are fully dedicated to delivering a great ongoing experience to our customers by making the highest quality weighted blankets on the market. Our blankets are handmade in our US commercial facility by talented seamstresses. As such you can trust that our blankets are at the top of the line when it comes to quality and cleanliness. All Mosaic Weighted Blankets are made with commercial-grade materials and methods giving you the best value for your money. This blanket is made in a beautiful blue color although our blankets come in a wide variety of other vibrant yet relaxing colors including various shades and patterns. These colors not only look beautiful but help to promote a sense of calm. So when you re trying to combat stress and anxiety you can tackle it on every front. This blanket is also made with top-quality Minky fabric making it breathable in the summer and cuddly and warm in winter. This quality makes it a perfect addition to your in-home comfort. Mosaic Weighted Blankets also come in various sizes and weights to accommodate a wider span of people from children to adults. No matter your age or situation if you or your child suffers from anxiety disorder ADD ADHD autism or just needs to relax and get a good night s sleep Mosaic Weighted Blankets are a great way to go.

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