London Fog Velvet 15 lb Weighted Plush Blanket Grey

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  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 100% Polyester
  • NATURAL DEEP SLEEP – All natural sleep was never so easy to fall into. The London Fog Weighted Blanket suggests the sensation of being held that encourages a deep healthy restful sleep.
  • PLUSH & COMFY – A removable cover has 100% faux mink face and reverses to a twice brushed microfiber for extreme warmth and total comfort. Inner layer is filled with hypo-allergenic non-toxic odorless glass beads and microfiber that stays evenly distributed.
  • PERFECT SIZE – 48“ x 72” dimensions is the perfect size to cover you from head to toe. The long weighted blanket conveniently drapes around your body without disturbing other people’s sleep space.
  • IDEAL WEIGHT – Standard 15 lb. weight is ideal for most adult and bigger kids NO math required to sleep comfortably. Evenly distributed weight creates a sense of calmness. Great as an additional warm bed blanket couch throw   a reading blanket or whenever you take a moment to feel relaxed or hugged.
  • QUALITY – Expect the quality construction London Fog is known for- clean seams and materials that make sense. Man made polyester materials that are easy to care for – Cover is machine washable. Filled insert is spot clean only.

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Weighted blankets can aid the release of the happiness hormones that calm the nervous system and make people feel more relaxed. As a result of the comfort offered by a weighted blanket it can help promote better deeper and more satisfying sleep. Most people place blanket on when they are ready for bed since it can help you call asleep as you are immediately surrounded and cuddled by the weight of the blanket. — Prevent yourself from touching your phone when your body is tucked under the weight of your London Fog Weighted Blanket. — The London Fog weighted blanket is beautiful as well as functional – an incredibly soft faux mink face is plush and stylish so that you can always display and use your blanket with the utmost comfort. The smaller width concentrates the weight around your body for a true hug feeling.– London Fog isn t about creating something new it s about reinvigorating beloved classics with thoughtful construction. The brand starts with and has continued from an honor-bound tradition of well made products you will use for years. — The London Fog 15 lb Weighted Blankets are available in classic Grey and Blue colors. Each blanket is carefully constructed with hypoallergenic materials and quality production. — Allow your body a week to adjust to the weighted blanket it is intended to feel heavier than regular blankets. — Remember to keep your head above the blanket as it is weighted. Do not keep neat heat sources to prevent damage to the glass beads inside.

London Fog Velvet 15 lb Weighted Plush Blanket Grey Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

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